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SMALL GRANTS: National Policy Workshops

Tue 13 Aug 2019

The African Economic Research Consortium supports annual National Policy Workshops in Anglophone, Francophone and Lusophone African countries. The main objective of these workshops is to provide a forum at national level, where policy issues in relation to economic development are addressed. The workshops also provide a forum for discussing policy-oriented syntheses of AERC research and for obtaining feedback from policy makers on the AERC research agenda. 

In this context, AERC accepts grant applications from African countries for organizing national policy workshops. 

Size of Grants

AERC covers up to US$10,000 per event, subject to availability of funds.

Criteria for Eligibility

Governments, institutions, organizations, professional associations, and other organizations associated with the AERC and dealing with national economic development and policy issues may apply for a grant.

Themes and Topics

The applicants should come up with themes and topics dwelling on national economic development and policy issues on projects supported by AERC.

Grant Applications

The grant applications submitted for organizing national policy workshops should include the following sections:

  • Lead Applicant, institution and Address
  • Workshop Theme/Title 
  • Workshop objectives
  • Summary of the proposed workshop topics 
  • Description of the main activities
  • Venue of the workshop
  • Tentative Budget

Professional Associations

Grants to Professional Associations provide support to strengthen the economics profession in Africa to foster closer links between academic and policy communities. The size of grants: AERC covers up to US$10,000 per event, subject to availability of funds.

Applicants for these grants must apply in English or French. The application should be precise and provide sufficient details to ensure clarity, particularly relating to how the aims of the workshop will be achieved, the benefit that will flow from it and the way in which the proposed workshop is relevant and beneficial. 

Conference Participation 

AERC supported Conference Participation grants are issued to AERC network members, largely for capacity building. This grant is meant to facilitate the travel of African economists (AERC network member) to present the results of their AERC-funded research to regional and international conferences. The grant, which generally does not exceed US$ 5,000 must be accounted for. AERC supports network members who have been invited to present a paper at a conference, however, the paper to be presented must have emanated from a research project sponsored by AERC. If one fits in this category, all they have to do is write a formal application addressed to the Executive Director stating the dates of the conference, the venue and attaching a tentative budget plus other relevant documentation for consideration. 

As a rule of thumb, all the applications should be sent to the address indicated below in English or French:

Executive Director
African Economic Research Consortium
P.O. Box 62882-00200
Nairobi, Kenya

Application Submission Deadline

The deadline for receiving applications is usually the end of February. Any application received after this deadline will not be considered or automatically be included in the next batch of applications for the next fiscal year.


Questions may be sent by e-mail to the address listed below, indicating clearly the grant  application reference:  


Fax:     +254 (20) 2734150/3/7